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14 Foot Background Screen

14 Foot Background Screen

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 DryFire USA highly recommends you add life to your shooting room by choosing one of our canvas wall hangings. About 80% of our customers purchase and use a canvas background. Almost every Trapshooter that buys a canvas also buys one or more 3D Styrofoam traphouses for use on the shooting wall (they are scaled to look just the right size indoors) and really adds a dimension of realism to your practice sessions.

The canvas itself is light in weight, and yet very durable. The background scene is printed on the canvas with a state of the art linear printer capable of printing on 54 inch continuous roll stock. Our customers have come up with many ways of mounting the canvas on a wall. Some have stretched it over a wooden frame and then mounted the frame to the wall. Others have made a frame and then hung the frame from the ceiling. Another method is to use wallpaper paste to glue the canvas directly to the wall. If you use your imagination, we are sure you will find a way that best fits your needs.

The canvas material is 54 inches vertically. But we sell the backgrounds in three (3) different widths and each has a different application.

Canvas width: The distance you stand from the shooting wall determines the canvas width. The farther back you stand the wider the canvas you need.

14 foot: Our fourteen (14) foot canvas works well with our Squadding and Trap Exercise Software, which requires a fourteen by fourteen foot room. We recommend you stand 10, 11, or 12 feet from the wall. At these distances, all the targets will remain on the canvas and the separation between shooters will be comfortable.

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