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In order to assure the most cost-effective shipping method, when the order is initially placed, your credit card will be authorized, but not charged until the total amount is available and you have been contacted with the exact amount. Once we receive approval from you for the total amount including the shipping and handling, your card will be charged and the order is shipped.

About Shipping Destinations

According to our Distribution Agreement with DryFire England certain products cannot be shipped Worldwide. When we ship items which we have clearly marked "USA and Canada only" we will require a valid United States or Canadian address. Items marked, "Worldwide Distribution" can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Why does the USA price appear to be higher than the British price?

Date: Oct 27, 2016

The primary reason is the USA product and the British products are quite different.

Cost comparison: The British price is 800 pounds sterling (at the current exchange rate of 1.30 the British price in American dollars is $1,040.00).

Shipping from the United Kingdom is approximately $120.00, therefore the total out of pocket cost for the British product is (1,040.00 + 120.00 = $1,160.00).

Based solely on cost, the British product shipped to your door is $304.00 less expensive (USA price is 1450.00 + shipping 14.00 = $1464.00).

Now let’s consider the improvements that DryFire USA has built into the product and then, at the end, we will compare the price of the USA unit versus the British unit.

Four Improvements:

1) Smoother trajectories: In the early days of the DryFire product, it was noted by DryFire USA that the trajectories were not always as smooth as we felt they should be. We spent a lot of time investigating possible solutions. In the end we determined that a dampening effect was needed on the horizontal movement of the heads. We, then engineered a special metal block with a small recessed area, in which we could glue a small magnet. The metal block is then attached below the ribbon cable holder so as the head moves horizontally, the servo causing the movement is being restrained by the dampening action of the magnet sliding across the surface of the green metal box. In summary, we found a way to dampen the movement with very little intrusion into the original design.

2) Solid laser mount in barrel: In the early days of the DryFire product, it was obvious that the gun laser was easy to move in the muzzle of the gun. It moved if you bumped it and it also moved if you had a breach opening gun and you opened the gun to cock it (if it moved, you would be required to realign your gun, if you wanted accurate results). This led us to engineer a new method. Since 2008 we have shipped what we call a "Barrel Anchor" which provides a very solid quarter inch shaft projecting out of one of the barrels in your gun.

Cost: $25.00 (only one barrel anchor is required per gun)

To complete the solution, we then mounted the laser element in another aluminum holder and attach it to the protruding shaft by sliding it over the shaft and then securing it with a setscrew.

Cost: $30.00

3) Acoustic Pick-up: In the early days of the DryFire product, it became apparent to DryFire USA there were two conditions that would be better served if the shooter could actually cock his or her gun and really pull or release the trigger.

The first condition was a Trapshooter using a "release trigger." We learned quickly that release trigger shooters are "in love" with the feeling of their trigger. Therefore, the thought of pressing and then releasing a little push button location on the front surface of their trigger would deter these potential users of DryFire from seriously considering the DryFire product.

Second, with Olympic Bunker Trap shooters, there is a technical problem to overcome that is solved by using the Acoustic Pick-up. If you want to learn the details, contact Bob Ridge at or call 1-877-357-1485.

Note: To our knowledge and 14 years of experience in the field, Bunker Trap is the only disciple where this problem occurs.

Since 2008 every new customer gets a Combo Gun Assembly, which includes the Barrel Anchor/Laser Holder approach to mounting a laser on your gun, and it includes the Acoustic Pick-up. This means every new customer gets both methods (push-button and acoustic) and can use whichever method sees best for the targets he or she is going to shoot.

Cost: $65.00

4) Manual and USB Drive: DryFire USA provides you with a printed copy of the 173-page manual. And, along with the printed manual, we supply you with a 2 GB USB Drive (sometimes known as a thumb drive), loaded with over 9 hours of videos that we have developed to help you get started and fully understand what you have purchased. All of these videos are also available on our web site. Our purpose of providing these videos to you on a portable USB drive is to make sure that you have access to the videos even when you are out of Internet range.

These videos represent hundreds of hours of effort, all focused on helping you; the new customers understand the power of the tool you have purchased. We want you to be successful and we think the more you know about your DryFire system, the more your shooting will improve.

Cost: $35.00


The value of the four (4) improvements is:

Smoother trajectories 26.00 (dual head unit)
Solid laser mount in barrel 55.00
Acoustic Pick-up 65.00
Manual and USB Drive 35.00
Total value of Improvements 181.00
Cost of British unit in American dollars $1298.00 (from above)
Cost of American unit in dollars $1464.00 (from DryFireUS website)

If you add the American Improvements to the British unit:

$1160.00 Cost of British unit shipped to American
181.00 Cost of American Improvements
$1341.00 Total cost of British unit with American Improvements

Final Conclusion: At this time, as the British pound loses value in comparison to the American dollar, the American unit is priced $109.00 more than the British unit.


Note: The first time you need any service, whether it is to replace a servo or a PC board, the additional shipping cost, to and from England, will be more than the $109.00.