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eTarget League Competition Pack (save over $75 with this bundle!)

eTarget League Competition Pack (save over $75 with this bundle!)

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The DryFire eTarget League Competition Pack provides you with everything you need to get started in Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, and to compete in eTarget League Events!

đŸ’„Â Use your own PC. 
đŸ’„ Use your own gun. 
đŸ’„ The DryFire eTarget League Competition Pack gives you everything else, including: 

  • DryFire Target Simulator

  • Squadding Software to shoot any discipline in a squad and to compete in eTarget League

  • A 10-foot Background Shooting Screen for a realistic target backdrop. A 14-foot or 18-foot upgrade is optional (the 18-foot screen is recommended for skeet shooting).

  • A 3D Traphouse to add depth and dimension to your practice sessions.

  • One UGA (Universal Gun Assembly) to properly equip your gun

  • One free entry into an eTarget League or Tournament

  • A USB drive containing the latest DryFire Software (version 4) and video clips for system training and setting up your DryFire System

  • Comprehensive instruction manual to get you up and running!

  • Cables for providing power and connecting to your PC


đŸ’„ Add these popular DryFire accessories to take your training to the next level:

  • Additional UGAs (Universal Gun Assemblies) to shoot simultaneously with other shooters.

  • A Wireless Remote Release to launch targets in a noisy environment

  • The Course Designer Add-on to create custom Sporting Clays courses or edit existing DryFire layouts!

  • Trap Exercises Software to enhance your practice sessions

  • The Projection Software Add-on to project any image as your backdrop and see feedback from your shot right on the wall! (projector not supplied) 

  • The Game Software Add-on to hunt a variety of feather and fur targets all year long! (requires the Projection Software Add-on)


      đŸ’„ Want your whole team or squad to join eTarget League? Check out the Squad Pack!


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