Extended Warranty - DryFire Home & eTarget Pack

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For the first six (6) months from the ship date, DryFire America will provide all necessary repair parts and labor at no cost to the customer. When a problem occurs, the customer will contact the support facility (972-298-9902) and discuss the problem. If it is agreed the customer should ship the product to the DryFire America repair facility, the customer will ship the product and pay the shipping cost.

The DryFire America repair facility will make the necessary repairs and ship the repaired product back to the customer at NO COST to the customer (including shipping).

The following issues are not covered.

  • Tearing of the rubber portion of the trigger switch
  • Broken wires in the Trigger Switch 
  • Protection diode burned out inside the black chassis because of an over-voltage
  • Physical damage (example: black chassis knocked onto the floor)
  • Damage caused during incoming shipping

At the time you purchase your system, you will be offered a One (1) Year Extension.

These Extended Warranty will simply extend the duration of your warranty and the coverage will not change.