Rifle/Pistol Add-On

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USA and Canada only

The following Software Enhancements are for the Version 4 system.

BRAND NEW: Special software add-on for shooting short range targets with pistols and rifles. Works with both single and dual head units - does not require Projection add on but definitely benefits visually when the projection add-on is used. The Rifle/Pistol Rapid Fire Gun Assembly, shown on the left, is not part of this Rifle/Pistol add-on product. But, is shown to make it clear, you will need special parts to equip your rifle or pistol. If you currently have a Shotgun system, and are expanding to rifle and pistol, you will want to order the Rifle/Pistol Gun Upgrade Kit (not shown here, but can be found under Gun Assemblies).

Example of Add-On with a Beretta 9mm (Pistol Not For Sale)Here is an example of how the laser parts are placed on the pistol (a Beretta 9mm - not for sale). The Black Trigger Box is magnetically attached to the handle of the pistol, while the trigger switch is wrapped around the trigger and plugged into the trigger box. The laser is attached to the gun clamp and plugged into the trigger box. The universal gun clamp will fit barrel diameters from a 0.177 to 0.845. For automatic pistols where the barrel is covered it will fit a maximum width of 33mm and a maximum depth of 25mm.


If you are ordering the Rifle/Pistol Target Pack, you will not need to order this Add-on or the Rifle/Pistol Rapid Fire Gun Assembly as both are part of the Rifle/Pistol Target Pack.