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Squadding Software Add-on

Squadding Software Add-on

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The following Software Enhancements are for the Version 4 system.

The Squadding add-on allows multiple Shooters to shoot in a squad format. Squad sizes of from one to six Shooters can be accommodated. In this latest version of Squadding the capabilities have been expanded so any discipline (Trap, Bunker Trap, Skeet, International Skeet, or Sporting Clay) can be shot in a squad. Every shooter in a squad will need their own gun equipped with a Gun Assembly.

For Youth Groups or Gun Clubs, the Squadding add-on transforms the basic individual DryFire system into a very powerful training platform. In the Squadding format, teams practice together behind one DryFire system. This is a great benefit because the team practices together, just like outdoors. It also, increases the number of targets that will be shot in a given period of time, and actually allows the coach to plan a schedule of teams that will shoot behind the DryFire system. We suggest you make your plans based upon what you know you can do outdoors. If a squad of five (5) outdoors can shoot 100 targets in one (1) hour, they can easily do the same indoors.

There is so much to tell you about the Squadding Software that we have recorded a series of videos to explain it in the detail you want. Below, you could click on anyone of seven (7) videos. Depending upon your discipline, we suggest you watch Part 1 (Creating a Squad), then either Part 2 (Shooting ATA), Part 3 (Shooting Skeet), Part 4 (Shooting Bunker), or Part 5 (Shooting Sporting), then watch Part 6 (Getting ready to join a Squad - a review of the gun alignment process), and Part 7 (Understanding Passwords as it relates to Squadding).

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5     Part 6     Part 7

And finally, if you are part of a Club and would like to be able to charge for DryFire targets (the average seems to be $2.00 per round) you will want to watch the Password Video 4039 so you will understand how you can use the system in an unattended (without a staff member present) mode without taking a risk that someone will make changes that will cause the DryFire system to stop working properly. Sixteen minutes into this 30 minute video you will learn how DryFire will allow you to print a report which will show you exactly how many targets each shooter in your system has shot and therefore, give you the data you need to charge each shooter for what he or she has shot. A very exciting feature.

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