The 3D Styrofoam Traphouse

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We provide three (3) different size traphouses. Each is scaled to be the correct size when simulating different yardages. The yardages are: 16 yard, 22 yard, and 27 yard. Therefore, when you mount your gun in relation to the DryFire 3D Traphouse and the visual distances you see at the muzzle of your gun accurately simulate what you see at your local gun club.

The traphouse is easily positioned on the canvas by way of magnets, that are fixed on the back of traphouse, and a metal plate that is mounted to the wall behind the canvas material. Simply hold the traphouse up to the correct spot, allow the magnets to grab on to the hidden metal plate and then gently slide the traphouse to the perfect position so that the targets come right out of the top of the roof.

Every traphouse comes with 6” x 16” piece of sheet metal and two magnets already attach to the house.