Universal Gun Assembly

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The new Universal Gun Assembly  (UGA) has replaced the original Gun Assembly we have sold for the last 19 years. The cylinder shaped UGA comes mounted in a Quick Mount magnetic adapter which allows the assembly to be magnetically attached to the bottom of your barrel. Available in 12 or 20 gauge, the UGA mounts in less than one second.

 The UGA uses blue tooth technology to allow the user to select the mode of operation.

1. Pull trigger uses a micro-switch on the front surface of the trigger. 

2. Release trigger uses micro-switch on the front surface of the trigger. 

3. Seismic trigger allows you to use your trigger (place a snap-cap in your chamber, cock your gun, and pull the trigger). 

DryFire USA does not guarantee the seismic mode will function reliably on all guns.

Note:  When using the Seismic trigger, the Quick Mount adapter is removed and a metal clamp is used to attach it to the barrel. The metal clamp is also used for 28 gauge, 410, rifle, or pistol.The metal clamp makes the gun laser usable on any gun, while the Quick Mount adapter makes it easy to move the gun assembly from gun to gun. This is especially important for youth groups who are using DryFire in the Squadding mode.