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Wireless Remote Release

Wireless Remote Release

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There are times when the Voice Release system releases unwanted targets because of "background noise." Therefore, we have included a Wireless Remote Release in the standard "Squad Packs" because we know the Squad environment (especially in a clubhouse) can become quite noisy.

The product comes as two pieces. The picture shows the remote release which you hold in your hand. Not pictured is a small relay, mounted in a plastic case, with three wires coming out of the case. The wire with the male jack plugs into the "Footswitch" location on the back of your DryFire unit. The power cord coming from the AC to DC converter is plugged into the wire with the female receptacle. And finally the third wire is plugged into the connector labeled "Power" on the back of the DryFire unit. To release a target, you simply depress the switch on the little remote control piece and a target is launched. The range is approximately 100 feet. This makes controlling the launch of targets much more convenient without any cables getting in your way.

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